“Our beautiful baby boy was welcomed earthside in the comfort of our own home and that is something I’m positive I couldn’t have done without Erin by my side!”

I hired Erin to be my doula for my second birth.  My first birth was far from what I hoped it would be, which left me feeling disappointed and discouraged for this birth.  I knew I needed some extra emotional support to achieve my dream birth so I began my doula search which led me to Erin.  I met with her to see if she would be a good fit for me and was impressed by her calm and encouraging manner!

This time around I experienced almost a full week of prodromal labor, which had me fearing another hard and long delivery.  Erin was a big emotional support during the roller coaster that is prodromal labor, she listened and validated my concerns but also talked me down and helped me relax and let go of my fears.  She came over multiple times during that week to help me with positioning and rebozo sifting to try and help baby position himself properly and therefore get the ball rolling.  Everytime I spoke with her, even through texting, she always had a peaceful and reassuring demeanor that made me instantly relax and feel that I was not alone in this endeavor!

On the big day, she came over and set me up with her Elle TENS unit to help with contraction pain, then proceeded to help get things set up and ready for the home water birth.  She never left my side unless it was to fetch ice, water, towels, ect.  Her unwavering presence during labor was exactly what I needed to feel empowered.  She repeated birth mantras to me to help remind me of my power and help me remain relaxed, and when contractions started ramping up preparing for delivery she held my hand through every single one!

Our beautiful baby boy was welcomed earthside in the comfort of our own home and that is something I’m positive I couldn’t have done without Erin by my side!

A week after our son’s arrival, Erin came to check up on us with a beautiful flower arrangement in tow, we reminisced about my lovely birth, and she also helped with a few house cleaning chores!

Erin truly goes above and beyond and is such a beautiful nurturing soul!  If you have the opportunity to hire her for your birth I suggest you capitalize on it, you will not be disappointed!

If I were st ill having babies, I would definitely use Erin as my doula!  She is quiet and kind.

Certified Birth Doula

I have known Erin since childhood.  We grew up together spending many long hours as best of playmates.  Having Erin as a friend was areal gift in my life.  She always spoke truth, never gossiped,  and desired the best for others.  Her joy was in serving others.  Erin had a special interest even as a young adult in helping expectant mothers.  Because of this she took every opportunity to attend deliveries of babies and help along side where ever possible.  Now many years later, I’m so excited that she is helping mothers through the labor and delivery process. As a mom of three, I know from experience that having a doula brings peace of mind and confidence through the moments ahead.

For as long as I have known Erin she has always demonstrated great qualities.  She is loyal, determined and reliable.  Her organization skills and self-discipline are outstanding!  She is dependable and just an all-around amazing woman and friend.  She uses these strengths in any task she faces.  I know she will be a blessings to anyone who chooses her to be their doula because she has always been a blessing to me.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”
~Psalm 139:14 (KJV)