Heritage Doula's Mission Statement

To help families have an empowered, amazing birth experience that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Every birth is beautiful, and Heritage Doula wants to help you towards your positive birth experience.

Doula in Rapid City South Dakota

Certified Doula Now Serving:

Wichita  |  Rose Hill  |  Mulvane  |  Newton  |  Hutchinson  |  McPherson  |  White Water  |  Park City  |  Valley Center  |  Derby

Heritage Doula Services Include:

  • 1 -2 prenatals 
  • Unlimited contact once contract is signed (phone/email/text)
  • On call 2 weeks prior to estimated due date
  • CONTINUOUSLY provides emotional support to you and your partner during labor
  • Comfort measures: breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning, counter-pressure, massage
  • Elle TENS + Maternity Unit (available) (wonderful for homebirth and back labor)
  • Rebozo (if desired)
  •  Identifies ways to encourage “progress” of labor
  • Helping families become informed about available birth choices
  • Supports and encourages mom and her partner to advocate for themselves their own desires and facilitates communication between the family and care provider
  • Continuing support 1 – 2 hours after your little miracle is born to establish breastfeeding or until you are comfortable with me leaving 
  • 1 postpartum visit-normally 1-2 weeks after baby’s birth

Doula Prenatal Appointments:

  • We will discuss what is IMPORTANT to YOU and YOUR partner about this birth
  • We will discuss worries, fears, stress and anxiety that will affect this birth, and how to handle them 
  • We will discuss when you should contact me (at the onset of labor)
  • We will discuss where you will birth the baby
  • We will discuss care providers and working successfully with them
  • We will discuss the 1st stage of labor (early labor & active labor & transition)
  • We will discuss the 2nd stage of labor (pushing)
  • We will discuss the 3rd stage of labor (cord clamping/cutting, bonding time with your little miracle, placenta)
  • We will discuss pain management
  • We will discuss birth plan
  • We will discuss being prepared for life at home with a newborn


(Contract Clients Only)

  • Comfort Measures for Childbirth-DVD (Penny Simkin)
  • Parent Class -DVD (Spinning Babies)
  • Reviving the Rebozo-DVD (A Gentle Journey)

Heritage Doula Practice Limitations:

  • I DO NOT take over the role of your partner
  • I DO NOT allow personal values or biases to affect your care
  • I DO NOT pressure you into making decisions
  • I DO NOT contradict any opinions of your care provider
  • I DO NOT perform medical tasks such as heart tones, blood pressure, cervical assessments or deliver your baby 

Coming Soon!

Elle TENS + Maternity Unit Rental

(for non-contract home-birth clients, ideal for drug-free pain management)

Certified Birth Doula

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”
~Psalm 139:14 (KJV)